Amy T. – Director / Case Manager / Lead Paranormal Investigator

My name is Amy and I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a young girl. I encountered some unexplainable happenings which piqued my curiosity. I consider myself a believer who is skeptical. After all some things are not paranormal. I really like helping families who are experiencing unexplained events in their homes. I consider myself to be sensitive and can pick up on the energy of a place. When I’m not investigating or reviewing evidence, I’m spending time with my two dogs or out metal detecting.


Jessica L. – lEAD Paranormal Investigator

My name is Jessica and I’ve been interested in the paranormal since early childhood. I had paranormal experiences starting from a young age. Growing up, my family lived overseas throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East. I had several life changing experiences that left me searching for answers. I consider myself to be a skeptic believer and an empath. My passion is helping families and businesses gain a greater understanding of the paranormal and finding comfort in their domains. My favorite equipment is my trusty digital recorder and capturing evps. When I am not investigating, I am at my job in human resources, spending time with my family, hiking and enjoying the mountains.


Sharon G. – Paranormal Investigator

My name is Sharon and I have always been interested in the paranormal and the afterlife from a young age of eight when I had my first experience.  Since then, I have read several books on various subjects relating to paranormal and continue my quest to learn more.  When I had the opportunity to join Maryland Ghost Trackers, I jumped on it.  My favorite equipment is the ovilus and the K2 meter. I am retired so when I’m not investigating, I’m hanging out with my grandchildren, and I enjoy painting.


Sande G. – Photographer / Paranormal Investigator

My name is Sande and I first had experiences with the paranormal as a teenager. I continue to have many very personal experiences that convince me there is something on the other side of life as we know it. I think old and abandoned buildings are beautiful and often wonder ‘if walls could talk’. I enjoy sharing my experiences and opening minds to the art of paranormal investigating. In my spare time I love taking pictures, traveling, hiking, road trips and spending time with my family and cats.



My name is Marisol and I’ve been involved with the paranormal most of my life.
I started out as a curious teen, exploring cemeteries with my friends. After an encounter with a homemade Ouija board, I made up my mind at that early age I would dedicate my time to finding out what exists on the other side of the veil.
My paranormal adventures have taken me from the haunted mansions of Rhode Island to the infamous battlefields of Gettysburg. From the home of a rumored vampire to the gravesite of a lost spaceman in Aurora, TX
When I’m not on location, you can find me researching new sites to visit or more ghost hunting equipment on the web.



I’m Lacy. I’m new to the group and paranormal investigating. I consider myself to have a healthy bit of skepticism but also an openness to any possibility. When I am not with the team or my children, I enjoy art, Sci fi and horror novels, and collecting jewelry and creepy dolls. I look forward to learning more with these amazing ladies.



I’m Jason and I have been interested in the paranormal from a very early age. I have had a number of strange experiences in my life, all of which have helped to form my “skeptically hopeful” approach to the paranormal. I appreciate the history and structure of old places, and I enjoy the opportunity to investigate them. I am a writer, I love music, horror movies and books, bourbon and cards, and good conversation. 



My name is Linda. I am a novice investigator who is at the very start of working with the experienced and knowledgeable group of investigators here in Maryland. I am a retired nurse who over my 50 years in nursing have had many unexplainable experiences with transitioning spirits. My ultimate goal is to be able to assist/ease the journey of those who desire help into the next plane of existence.